2024 - 2025年FAFSA更新

2024 - 2025年FAFSA开放! Award letters will be sent starting in late April 2024 once you have submitted your FAFSA. Prepare to complete your FAFSA by having 2022 tax information available (tax returns and W2s, 如果适用的话),并确保你有你的 FSA ID 方便的. 如果你是受抚养学生,你的父母也需要一个FSA ID. 密切关注你的学生电子邮件,了解最新情况!


2024年4月下旬 - UIW将开始向新生发送奖励信. 随后将颁发回国学生奖.

威斯康星大学不以“先到先得”的原则授予大多数援助. 然而, you should still complete the FAFSA as early as possible to 所有ow the maximum amount of time for planning and budgeting.

需要帮助完成FAFSA? 来见我们,或者安排a 虚拟约会! We must be able to see your screen in order to efficiently assist you and/or troubleshoot any problems with completing your FAFSA.


Join the Office of 金融援助 at on-campus events with UIW staff available to work with you one-on-one. 

  • 5月18日,星期六,上午9点.m. - 12 p.m.
    • Including representatives from 建议 to meet with families individu所有y to discuss degree pathways and future course registration. The Office of 招生 will also be available for anyone who would like a campus tour. 


学生必须有他们的FSA ID才能登录, and parent(s) should have theirs set up to bring with them so staff can assist with any issues. 对于无法检索或创建FSA ID的家长, 我们建议单独面谈或虚拟面谈 任命 在研讨会前与财政援助办公室联系.

在5月18日的研讨会上, we will also assist in reviewing UIW financial aid offer letters that have been received.

If you are an admitted student who has submitted your FAFSA and has received a Student Aid Index (SAI) number from Federal Student Aid, 你可以亲自或虚拟预约 任命 与财政援助办公室联系,这样我们就可以提供一个估计的援助计划.


The process of applying for financial aid is an important part of preparing for your education at UIW. 查找有关申请援助的信息, understanding your award letter and exploring next steps to complete your financial aid file.


使用 免费申请联邦学生资助 (FAFSA) to apply for financial assistance (grants, work-study and loans) to pay for college. 你(和你的父母,如果你是一个独立的学生)需要创建一个 FSA ID 在开始流程之前. Be sure to include UIW on your FAFSA, using school code 003578 so we receive your application. 明年的FAFSA将于10月10日开始. 1.

  • 某些“符合条件的非公民”可能仍有资格完成FAFSA:
    • 一般来说,如果你是,你就是合格的非公民
      • (1)永久的美国国籍.S. 持有永久居民卡(I-551);
      • (2)持有有条件绿卡(I-551C)的有条件永久居民;
      • (3) the holder of an Arrival-Departure Record (I-94) from the Department of 首页land Security showing any one of the following designations: “Refugee,”“获得庇护,” “Parolee” (I-94 confirms that you were paroled for a minimum of one year and status has not expired), t -签证持有人(T-1), T-2, T-3, 等.)或“古巴-海地入境者”;或
      • (4) the holder of a valid certification or eligibility letter from the Department of Health and Human Services showing a designation of “Victim of human trafficking.”
  • 非大学资源.S. 公民
    探索非美国公司可用的选项.S. 不依赖FAFSA的公民.
  • 德克萨斯州财政援助申请(TASFA)
    有资格在美国定居的学生, 被归类为德州居民(见下面的德州居民常见问题), 哪些人没有资格申请联邦财政援助 FAFSA,可以完成德克萨斯州国家财政援助申请(TASFA)。. TASFA申请用于确定是否有资格获得国家资助的助学金, 哪一个是德克萨斯均衡补助金(TEG)高达3美元,每年800. 建议完成在线TASFA. 一旦被威斯康星大学录取,请使用 安全的上传.
    • 德州居民宣誓书
      • 要求你 有资格在美国定居. 持F1/F2或J1/J2签证的学生不符合定居资格, 因此不符合TASFA的资格.
      • 必须公证-国家没有授权任何宽大的公证. 然而,一些公证员确实提供网上公证服务. 联系您附近的公证人验证选项.
    • 家长签署的2024-2025年度TASFA纳税申报表副本(如果他们提交了)
      注:如果父母挣的钱足够申请, 但没有提交, 在他们提交之前,你将没有资格获得TEG.


  • 我如何在德克萨斯州建立居住权?
    • 依赖学生:
      • 如果你的父母住在德克萨斯州, and are claiming you as a dependent on their tax return (or are eligible to claim you as a dependent), 然后根据你父母的居住状况来决定你的居住地.
    • 独立的学生:
      • 不能作为受抚养人申报所得税吗, be a US citizen or permanent resident (have a I-551 or evidence of I-551 stamp in the passport) or international student who is eligible to establish a domicile in Texas, 在德克萨斯州连续住了12个月, 并在入学前在德克萨斯州建立住所.
  • 我如何在德克萨斯州建立住所(非国际学生)?
    • 在德克萨斯州有住所,如果, at least 12 months prior to the census date of the semester in which he or she is to enroll, 至少符合以下条件之一:1)此人在德克萨斯州拥有不动产, 2)此人在德克萨斯州拥有一家企业, 3)该人的配偶在德克萨斯州建立了住所, 4) the person has had gainful employment other than work-study and other such student employment in Texas.
  • 我是一名国际学生. 我如何建立居住权?
    • The following international students are eligible to establish a domicile in Texas under the law and can obtain Texas residency if they meet the basic residency requirements as listed in previous 常见问题:
      • 假释犯,庇护者或难民.
      • A student who has applied for adjustment of status to permanent residency (must have received an I-485 notice of action for the green card application).
      • 持有签证的人 有资格在美国定居.
      • High school graduation in Texas after 36 months of residency in the state (see next FAQ).
  • 我是一名国际学生 who has attended a Texas high school for three consecutive years. 我有资格成为德州居民吗?
    • 国际学生见面 所有 of the following requirements will qualify for Texas residency regardless of INS status:
      • 毕业于德克萨斯州高中或获得普通教育文凭.
      • Reside in Texas for the 36 months immediately preceding graduating from a Texas high school or receipt of the GED.
      • Reside in Texas for the 12 months preceding the census date of the academic semester in which you enrolled in an institution of higher education.
      • Sign an affidavit stating that you meet the above qualifications and will apply for permanent residency upon first availability to do so.








  • 网上查看援助
    Access your financial assistance information through BannerWeb to view requirements needed to complete your file, 核实你已经获得了什么,看看你的援助何时会发放.
  • 借阅资料表格 (PDF)
  • 联邦直接贷款福利 (PDF)
  • 接受学生贷款-本科生 (PDF)
    了解如何使用你的FSA ID接受你的联邦学生贷款.